Kasteel Well

Registration & Payments


  • To view dates for undergraduate class registration, please view the academic calendar. Please remember you must pay a $50 Room/Damage Deposit before you can register for classes (see below).
  • For courses that list “permission” as a prerequisite, you must contact David Griffin in the International Study and External Programs Office at registration time.
  • You should meet with your advisor before class registration begins to talk about your course choices and to make sure you are on the right path to graduate on time. Remember, you are ultimately responsible for fulfilling your degree requirements.
  • When you are ready to register, you will need to visit eCommon and sign in using your ECnet username and password. You should follow the “Registration Instructions” posted on the Registrar’s website. Undergraduates must register for 16 credits.
  • We will review transcripts after each semester as grades are posted. If there is an academic problem, we will attempt to contact you at whichever address, phone, or email address we have on file for you. Serious academic problems may result in dismissal from the program.

  • As each term draws to a close, if you believe you may have an academic issue that might impact your program eligibility, please set up an appointment with David Griffin, Director, International Study & External Programs Office,  as soon as possible to discuss the issue.

Security Deposit

A $50 ROOM/DAMAGE deposit must be paid before registration for castle classes.

Room/damage (security) deposits cover furniture and room damages, lost keys, fines, etc. (Please note that you will be fined and billed for any major damage to your room). After you depart Kasteel Well the castle facilities department will review your room.  If there are no fines associated with your room the security deposit will be refunded to your student account.



Due to the special nature of the castle program, after you’ve arrived at the castle add/drops will not be allowed.

Billing/Financial Aid

  • Fall and Spring term:  Invoices will be released at the end of June for the fall term and the first week of December for the spring term.
  • Summer term:  Students who are accepted to the Kasteel Well summer program will make 3 payments, at regular intervals, a few months before the start of the program.  The International Study & External Programs will email information about making castle program summer payments to each accepted student.

You must be financially cleared on all your accounts WITH THE OFFICE OF STUDENT ACCOUNTS to attend the program.

College Work-Study at the Castle

Students apply via the online Student Employment system on eCampus. The Office Of Student Affairs at Kasteel Well (OSA) will send students an email about castle jobs as soon as they are posted on ecampus. This usually occurs just before the start of the semester.

There are generally 12-15 work-study positions available at the castle during Fall & Spring terms.

  • Work study is not available during the Castle Summer Program.
  • Work-study eligible students (FWS) take priority over Emerson Employment (EE) students.
  • A work-study position requires balancing academic responsibilities and travel.
  • Before you commit yourself, put some thought into how you are going to handle this added responsibility without becoming overwhelmed.
  • Jobs and work hours will be allocated during orientation weekend at the castle.

A sampling of castle jobs:

  • Student Driver (driving and picking up faculty from the train station)
  • Dining Hall Assistant
  • Sophie's Kitchen Worker
  • Recycling Assistant
  • Resource Center Worker (federal work study only)
  • New Media and Documentation Asst.
  • Alumni Projects Assistant
  • Black Swan Editor in Chief, and possibly 2 other jobs (Black Swan Cover Asst. & Black Swan InDesign Asst.)
  • Students must arrange to fill out all the required paperwork in Boston, including filling out W4 and I9 forms, as well as a Direct Deposit form.

  • Student employment paper work can be completed at the Financial Aid Office.

  • If you don’t fill out the paperwork before you leave for Europe, you will not be hired.