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Sophie Bonhôte

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Sophie Bonhôte

Kasteel Well Part Time Faculty (1990)

Sophie Bonhôte is an actress, singer, theatre teacher, director, and Tai Chi Chuan instructor. She is originally from Switzerland but has lived in Liège, Belgium since 1987.

Ms. Bonhôte graduated in 1985 from the Royal Conservatory in Liège, majoring in Dramatic Arts. She holds a graduate degree in modern languages including English, German, Italian and Spanish. She has been an official teacher of the International Tai Chi Chuan Association since 1994, as well as an acting instructor at Kasteel Well. She has also conducted Clown and Improvisational Workshops since 1990.

Ms. Bonhote has continuously played an active part in various public theatrical performances. She has been involved in many different acting companies in Belgium and Switzerland along with staging her own solo performances in various venues. Her professional knowledge on movement and skills of writing on stage through improvisation remains her strength as an acting instructor.

Ms Bonhote teaches Acting III: Basic Scene Study at Kasteel Well.