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Salzburg Global Seminar 2016

July 15 - August 7, 2016

Global Media Literacy MK 380-01 - 4 credits

We are pleased to announce a unique three-week program that will explore media literacy, and global networks for innovation and engagement in digital culture. Emerson’s Engagement Lab supports this program. It is open to all Emerson undergrads, regardless of major. A minimum of 5 Emerson students will be selected to participate in this program, and will study in Salzburg, Austria along with 55 other students and faculty from a broad range of universities located around the world.

Schloss LeopoldskronThe Salzburg Global Seminar invites speakers from literature, business, the arts, education, journalism, law, entertainment and advocacy groups to engage students from different cultures and institutions in hopes of promoting cross-cultural awareness and gaining an understanding of global media systems and their influence on global networks and digital culture. Emerson students will join a cohort of international college students from over 25 nationalities around the world to attend seminars and learn how to create media, engage in effective strategic communication, and building innovative action plans for media and global change. Together they will debate and examine the effect of media, digital culture and new technology on global issues and themes. This year the theme relates to emerging challenges to innovation, civic rights and social change.

Emerson students will receive 4 credits for a course titled “Global Media Literacy”. Professor Paul Mihailidis will teach the course. Global Media Literacy students will build digital stories, business plans, and content that helps provide innovative insights into the role of media, technology, and activism in changing societies across borders, across cultures, and across divides. The course will develop a critical understanding of ideas around participatory technologies, collaborative media, social networks, mobile platforms and digital culture. The International Study and External Programs Office will register students for this course.

All course readings will be available online. A list of required readings, course books and other recommended texts will be sent to program participants 3 months before the start of the course. Students will complete a Global Media Literacy Case Study during the Academy and this will become 50% of your grade. All students will compose a theoretical paper detailing global media and cultural connections in relation to their case study project. This digital storytelling will become 30% of your grade. Pre-academy reading, and responses, weekly homework assignments attendance and participation will become 20% of your grade. Students are required to attend all classes.

Students should plan to bring in and use technology in the classroom, for purposes relevant to the classroom. Professor Mihalidis will often ask students to explore things online, and so it may help to have mobile and web devices handy.

Costs include room and board at Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg, Austria. Schloss Leopoldskron is an 18th century Rococo palace, former home to both King Ludwig I of Bavaria and Max Reinhardt, the famous theater director and co-founder of the Salzburg Festival. Schloss Leopoldskron’s lakeside terrace was a film location for The Sound of Music.

Read more about the program: The Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change

Estimated Salzburg Program Cost:  $6,660

Included in Program Fee:

  • Tuition (est. $798/credit)
  • Salzburg Academy Fee
  • Registration Fee
  • International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
  • Room and Board at Schloss Leopoldskron

Not Included in Program Fee:

  • Round Trip Airfare: est. $1,300
  • Course Materials
  • Passport (or Visa)
  • International Health Insurance (required)
  • Personal Spending Money
As of 12/07/2015. Subject to Change.
Health Insurance Coverage in Europe: Participants in the Salzburg Global Seminar must have an insurance plan that provides coverage while in Europe. If you feel your current insurance is not adequate, please research a plan that is. View the Health Insurance Requirements section.



Day of the Week Date Event


July 15

Depart for Austria


July 16

Arrive Salzburg, Austria

Monday - Friday

July 18 - 22

Week One: Global Media Literacy - Lectures, readings and faculty panels

GML Case Study Proposal, Weekly Homework

Monday - Friday

July 25 - 29

Week Two: Global Media Innovation - Lectures, readings - Group excursion to the Alps

GML Case Study outline and draft due, Final Paper proposal and justification

Monday - Friday

August 1 - 5

Week Three: Across Borders, Across Cultures, Across Divides - Case Studies, Digital Stories

GML Case Study Due, Final Digital Storytelling Project Due


August 7

Depart Student Residence

As of 12/07/2015. Subject to Change.