Housing & Dining


Emerson students will live in an international student residence building.  The facilitiy has "western-style" bedrooms and bathrooms.  Emerson students will live with other international students, most likely in a double room.  There is often a shortage of hot water in the residence hall.  Some floors have Wi-Fi and some do not.  


Meals are not included in the cost of the program. However, the cost of meals is Beijing is relatively low.  CUC has two student canteens, which offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  If students want to eat out, it is affordable. 

There is a large supermarket on campus and a number of cafes, including some Western food options. There are three Chinese restaurants on campus, which offer different regional cuisines. Not far away are numerous "American" fast-food restaurants.

CUC International Residence Hall for exchange students
CUC's International Residence Hall for foreign students.