Diversity & Inclusion Library Catalog

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion Library is an eclectic catalog of both Fiction and Non-Fiction titles covering a range of works related to diversity and inclusion. The library was created with the goal of providing the Emerson community with various titles, including some written by faculty. You may be looking for texts to add to your courses or readings for discussion groups. No matter where you are on your personal or professional journey into the exploration of inclusion, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Library has something for you.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion Library

To loan a book from the Diversity & Inclusion Library stop by our office in the Walker Building, 120 Boylston Street, on the 10th floor. Reservations can be made by phone to (617) 824-8528 or by email to diversity_inclusion@emerson.edu. Reservations will be held for 24-hours before they are released.

Suggestions for additional texts are welcome. Please email diversity_inclusion@emerson.edu if you have a book you would like to recommend for our library.