Disability Services

Documentation Guidelines

When requesting an academic, housing or dining accommodation, it is important that you provide written documentation of your disability.

Documentation for all disabilities should be current (within one year). (Doctor’s excuses on prescription pads and handwritten notes do not qualify as documentation.)  Your information will be kept confidential and will be utilized only to determine your eligibility for accommodation or services, and the type of accommodations or level of service required.

All documentation must be prepared by a qualified impartial professional (psychologist; neuropsychologist; psychiatrist; other relevantly trained medical doctors) with experience and expertise in the area for which accommodations are being requested, who is not a family member. Documentation must be written on official letterhead, including the professionla's name, license/certification/degree, area of specialization, employment, address, phone, signature and date.

All documentation should include recommendation for compensations and services to help the student maximize the potential of his or her educational experience.

See below for specific information on documenting your disability:

Documentation Guidelines for Specific Disabilities