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An Inside Look at the Forensics Team

Students across many majors at Emerson become more marketable with outstanding speaking skills. (Filmed and edited by Emerson students.)

The Emerson Forensics Team is a nationally competitive speech and debate team. We represent Emerson College as we travel across the country competing in 12 different public speaking events. We’ve competed in Tennessee, Georgia, New York, Missouri, and Ohio!

Forensics truly has something for everyone:

  • If you’re an actor looking to hone your audition skills, we have interpretive events.
  • If you’re a WLP major looking to improve your writing and researching skills AND polish your ability to speak in front of others, we have Persuasion and Informative Speaking.
  • For Marketing Communications majors trying to understand how persuasion works in the real world, Rhetorical Criticism is for you.
  • And if you’re a Communication Studies or Political Communication major, then our Lincoln-Douglas Debate will be just the thing to keep you informed and thinking on your feet at all times.

All events allow for the team members to practice together, research together, travel, and compete with each other and with students from other schools. Being part of a forensics team gives students the opportunity to go to new places and meet people from different schools and backgrounds.

Forensics is one of the few activities that truly integrates academics, cultural diversity, social commentary, advocacy, and FUN!

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The 2013 team