Student Organizations

Communication, Politics, and Law Association (CPLA)

The mission of CPLA is to awaken student's passion for communication, politics, and law and to turn their political interest into political action. CPLA helps connect students to alumni who can provide more information about career paths. 

Emerson Pre-Law Society (EPLS)

EPLS is an organization of students with a common interest in the discussion of legal issues ranging from civil liberties to intellectual property and those pursuing a legal education or career. The organization's goal is to prepare students for law school and their eventual careers by providing them with the opportunity to become more familiar with the law school admissions process, different legal career paths, and the various legal professions. Members also benefit from law admissions panels, law school fairs, administration of mock LSAT exams, informal conversations with professionals in the legal profession, and social events. Contact EPLS Faculty Advisor, Spencer Kimball, for meeting times, dates, and locations.

Emerson Model United Nations (ECMUN)

ECMUN empowers students to take an active interest in learning about the world while teaching advocacy and diplomacy in the context of international affairs. Members participate in committee session simulations modeled after the diplomatic process of the United Nations and cooperate with each other to develop resolutions for real world issues. ECMUN seeks to hone the skills of informational analysis, critical thinking and communication, as well as emphasize the importance of respect and collaboration. 

Emerson College Democrats

The Emerson College Democrats is an organization dedicated to promoting Democratic Party politics, educating the student body, and creating and maintaining a lively political atmosphere to promote Democratic awareness. 

Emerson College Republicans

The Emerson College Republicans is an organization dedicated to promoting Republican Party politics, educating the student body and creating and maintaining a lively political atmosphere to promote Republican awareness.  

Aristotle's Forum

Building upon Emerson College's foundation of oral communication, Aristotle's Forum provides students with a welcoming environment in which they can construct and deliver speeches as well as gain invaluable communication skills. Inspired by the great Aristotle's Ars Rhetorica, students will better understand how to connect with their audience and use the power of speech to develop arguments and ethically persuade using the modes of logos, ethos, and pathos. Whether pitching a movie or convincing constituents, Emersonians from all walks of life and majors are encouraged to join and hone their communication proficiency.

Professional Affiliated Chapters

Emerson Forensics

It is the mission of Emerson Forensics to encourage students to participate in intercollegiate speech and debate, to be aware of important national and international issues, to train students to speak in public forums, and to critically examine the world around them. Emerson Forensics is dedicated to helping students become more informed, thoughtful citizens who can communicate their ideas, thoughts, and opinions effectively. Those interested in competing in forensics should contact the team's director, Heather Erickson