Program Requirements

Core Requirements

CC 652 Emerging Communication Technology
CC 645 Public Opinion Research and Practice

Choose one of the following:

CC 692 Capstone Course in Communication Management
CC 699 Master's Thesis*

*To be repeated for a total of 8 credits

Concentration I: Public Relations and Stakeholder Communication

CC 648 Public Relations
CC 647 Organizational Communication

Concentration II: Political Communication

CC 608 Public Affairs
CC 609 Political Communication 

Elective Courses

CC 602 Communication Theory 
CC 604 Strategic Planning and the Managerial Process
CC 621 Speech Planning and Online Content Development
CC 623 Public Diplomacy
CC 624 Campaign Management
CC 626 Crisis Communication
CC 628 Entrepreneurship and Creative Problem Solving
CC 636 Negotiation and Group Process
CC 638 Human Resources
CC 640 Web-Based Communication Strategies
CC 643 Global Communication
CC 651 Persuasion
CC 653 The Conversant Manager
CC 655 Project Management and Communication
CC 688 Learning and Development
CC 690 Internship in Communication Management
CC 695 Seminar Topics in Communication Management
CC 697 Directed Study

To complete the degree, each student completes either a Capstone project or thesis that synthesizes prior coursework and applies information gleaned from the various courses.