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Communication Management (MA)

Katie Barnes, Communication Management

Communication Management graduate student Katie Barnes explains the two tracks in the program: Human Resources and Public Affairs & Stakeholder Relations (Filmed and edited by Emerson students.)

The Master of Arts in Communication Management (CM) program will prepare you for leadership positions such as director of corporate communication or public affairs in the business sector; director of public advocacy campaigns for a nonprofit or nongovernmental organization; or independent consultant or trainer. You will develop speaking, writing, listening, and negotiating skills, as well as the media expertise necessary for success in the rapidly changing technological environment.

Communication management professionals select plans and implement them according to the principles and techniques of strategic communication, taking into account the ways in which traditional and emerging communication technologies aid in that implementation. After consulting industry leaders, current students, and alumni, we designed the new Communication Management curriculum to prepare leaders and change agents to achieve organizational goals in business, government, industry, and nonprofit/charitable sectors.

A Concentrated Curriculum

Our new concentrations provide you with more choice and flexibility in focusing on specific areas of communication:

  • Concentration I: Public Relations and Stakeholder Communication
    An emphasis in public relations and stakeholder communication is a holistic approach to creating comprehensive public relations plans for private and public sector organizations. Managing identity and reputation in public communication takes a depth of knowledge in constructing meaningful messages for diverse audiences. Read more »
  • Concentration II: Political Communication
    The emphasis in political communication is on campaign leadership in strategic messaging through internal and external strategic communication. With a special emphasis on polling and focus group and survey research in formulating and delivering political narratives, the program utilizes traditional and emerging social media. Read more »

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Industry Connections

Graduates in Communication Management are sought after in a variety of industries and occupations; from pharmaceuticals to entertainment, health and fitness to travel and tourism and managers, a CM degree will have lasting value during any economic time.

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Assistant Professor Linda Gallant

Meet the Graduate Program Director

Assistant Professor Linda Gallant's teaching and research interests include the application of research methods to social computing and the maximization of information and communication technology (ICT) to advance human communication in multiple contexts -- healthcare, politics, and the workplace.

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