Professor publishes two articles

February 10, 2011

Professor Phillip Glenn is co-author on two scholarly publications that have just come out:

"Epistemic authority in employment interviews: Glancing, pointing, touching." Discourse and Communication, 5(1), 3-22. Glenn, P., & LeBaron, C. (2011). This article involved studying interesting moments in employment interviews when interviewers hold applicants accountable for information in their resumes.  At such moments, what one knows and what one has “rights” to know deeply shape the unfolding communication.

"Bids and Responses to Intimacy as “Gendered” Enactments."  Beach, W., & Glenn, P. (2011). In S. Speer and E. Stokoe  (Eds.), Conversation and Gender (pp. 210-228).  Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press. This one is in a new, edited collection of studies of gender in everyday communication.  These chapters show how gender is a resource in moments when conversational partners create intimacy through stories, teasing, and play.