Professor performs as William Faulkner

February 03, 2011

Prof. John Anderson performed "William Faulkner and the Golden Age of Hollywood" for the Glendale Community College Speaker's Forum on Thursday, Jan 26.

Professor Anderson has a one-man show that he performs nationally. The performances consist of a monologue in character that is adapted to the particular topic  (such as the Golden Age of Hollywood in the  Arizona performance). After the monologue, he takes questions in  character. Afterwards, he drops the character and takes further questions as a scholar. He has also sometimes performed Faulkner in conversation with  other writers such as Gertrude Stein (played by Lynn Miller) or Zora Neale Hurston (played by Emerson alum Dorothy Prince).

He came to this style of performance first out of a love of the literature, and secondarily out of fascination with the biographies of these writers (Henry James, Robert Frost, Washington Irving, and Lynn Riggs, as well as Faulkner).

His next performance, on March 31 at the College Club in Boston, will  be a more traditional oral interpretation of two poems for the Boston Browning Society: "My Last Duchess" by Robert  Browning and a sequel by contemporary poet Richard Howard written in response to Browning's poem.