Communication Studies Faculty Updates and Accomplishments April 2011

April 15, 2011

The Department of Communication Studies is pleased to share more faculty news, updates, and accomplishments from April 2011:

Angela Hosek, Director of CC100 Program:

  • Was a participant and panel presenter at the Basic Course Pre-Conference at the Eastern Communication Association Conference in Arlington, VA on April 13, 2011. Her presentation was entitled: "Examining the Context of the Basic Communication Course: Multiple Beneficiaries of the Lecture-Lab Format."
  • Was a participant in the "Picture Yourself at Emerson" day (April 8th) by holding a mock class. Newly accepted undergraduates got a taste of EC academic life.

Angela Cooke-Jackson, Visiting Assistant Professor:

  • Was recently granted the Family of Myung Seok Park Financial Awards for Outstanding Scholarship. This is a $1.000 scholarship for Outstanding Qualitative Research.
  • Her paper entitled, "A World of Difference: Unraveling the conversations African American mothers have with their adult daughters to negotiate diabetes" has been accepted for presentation at the 2011 Biennial World Communication Association conference in Lima, Peru in August 2011.

Ashley Torrence, Scholar-In-Residence:

  • Presented a paper entitled "The Rising Fury and Antagonistic Agenda of the Tea Party Movement in America" on Thursday, April 7th in New Orleans, LA at the International Association of Business Development Conference.
  • Attended the ECA conference on April 14 to participate in a panel discussion called "Teaching Through the Lens of Our Students: A Roundtable Discussion on (the Politics of) Pedagogy and Student Diversity." 

Kathi-Anne Reinstein, Adjunct Instructor:

  • Appointed Assistant Majority Whip in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.
  • Brought in MBTA General Manager Richard Davey as a guest lecturer for her CC 263 Argument and Advocacy Class.

Greg Payne, Associate Professor:

  • Brought in EC alum, Owen Eagan as a guest lecturer for his CC 608 Public Affairs Class. Eagan is Senior Consultant of Saint, Inc.
  • Attended the International Association of Business Development Conference in New Orleans, LA. (April 6 - 8).

Cathryn Edelstein, Scholar-In-Residence:

  • On April 3, she and her international graduate students took Salsa dancing lessons at Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge. They learned how to salsa from a professional instructor and then enjoyed dinner together.