Faculty and students participate in Economic Security Forum

March 08, 2011

The Department of Communication Studies hosted an Economic Security Forum on Wednesday, February 23. This is one of many such events being held all over the country, under the guidance of the National Issues Forum

The Emerson event consisted of about 40 participants in two large groups discussing pros and cons of three broad strategies for greater economic security (both personal and national):  cut spending, share resources and develop greater community, or promote economic growth. 

The purposes of such events include promoting greater citizen awareness of and involvement in economic policy and stronger local democratic processes.  Participant surveys collected after the event are sent back to the National Issues Forum which shared results with policy makers.

Most participants were Emerson students, both graduate and undergraduate. Professor Phillip Glenn organized the event and with Professor Bill Huddy led one of the discussion groups. The other group was led by undergraduates Andrew Cassidy and Melinda Warren.