Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders


You may choose from among four minors in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Up to 8 credits may apply to both the General Education requirements and these minors.

Minor Requirements

Hearing and Deafness

Four of the following:

CD 153 Images of the Disabled
CD 162 American Sign Language I
CD 208 American Sign Language II
CD 309 American Sign Language III
CD 409 American Sign Language IV
CD 467 Introductory Audiology
CD 468 Aural Rehabilitation


Students in any major may minor in Psychology. Students who minor in Psychology will take a minimum of four courses, three of which must be taken at Emerson. All Psychology courses count toward this minor, as well as SC 213 “The Brain and Behavior” and SC 311 “Sensation and Perception”. Students who minor in both Psychology and Science may not double count these courses. To complete the minor, students may choose among the following courses:

PS 101 Introductory Psychology
PS 200 Social Psychology
PS 201 Abnormal Psychology
PS 202 Developmental Psychology
PS 203 Cognitive Psychology
SC 213 The Brain and Behavior
PS 301 Psychology of Prejudice
PS 306 Gender, Race, and Ethnicity
SC 312 Visual & Spatial Perception
PS 380 Topics in Psychology
PS 405 Advanced Seminar in Psychology
PS 498 Directed Study in Psychology


Students minoring in Science will complete a minimum of four Science courses, three of which must be taken at Emerson. All minors must include at least one course from the Human Biology and Health cluster, at least one from the Environmental Science cluster, and at least one 300-level Science course. The sophomore Honors Seminar (HS 201) counts toward the minor as a Human Biology and Health course.

Human Biology and Health Courses

SC 210 Human Health and Disease
SC 211 Food & Nutrition
SC 212 Evolution & Human Nature
SC 213 The Brain & Behavior
SC 214 Plagues & Pandemics
SC 215 Personal Genetics & Identity
SC 216 DNA & Society
SC 310 Science in Translation: Health & Genetics
SC 312 Visual & Spatial Perception

Environmental Science Courses

SC 220 Energy & Sustainability
SC 221 Meteorology
SC 222 Earth Science: Natural Disasters
SC 223 Climate Change
SC 224 Ecology & Conservation
SC 225 Science & Politics of Water
SC 226 Plants & People
SC 320 Science in Translation: Environmental Science