Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

Faculty Resources

Jeffrey Seglin
The CITL connects faculty with resources to enhance teaching and learning, including small group work.


Faculty may consult with the CITL about teaching and learning concerns and issues in several ways:

  • One-on-one, private, and confidential sessions with a CITL ambassador.
  • An ambassador will visit class sessions to gather data to assist faculty in teaching for enhanced student learning.
  • Mid-semester Student Feedback: an ambassador will visit a class at the request of a faculty member. During the visit, the ambassador will gather students’ anonymous, voluntary perspectives about how the teaching has facilitated their learning, or what changes in teaching could enhance learning.

Education Resources (PDF)

The CITL maintains a collection of books, articles, and on teaching and learning in higher education. We can also help you find information on specific teaching and learning topics.

Inclusive Teaching Strategies
Instructional Strategy: Think—Pair—Share
Using Think-Pair-Share in the College Classroom
"High-Impact Educational Practices: What they are, who has access to them, and why they matter" by George D. Kuh (Emerson Log-in Required)
Group vs Team Work
How Not to Lose Control of a Class - Inside Higher Ed (May 2015)

Syllabi Resources

Course Syllabus Items to Consider
Developing a Learning-Centered Syllabus
The Learner-Centered Syllabus
25 Teaching Tips

Midterm Course Feedback Resources

Midterm Course Feedback Resource #1
Midterm Course Feedback Resource #2
Midterm Course Feedback Resource #3

Class Observation

Mentor or Peer Observation Template (.doc)

Team Teaching

Speaking of Teaching - Team Teaching: Benefits and Challenges

Technology in the Classroom

Study: Web Surfing in Class Hurts Top Students Too

Inside Higher Ed: Compilation of Articles on Teaching With Technology