Center for Health & Wellness

Recognizing and Helping Students In Distress

Assessment and Care Team (eCARE)

Emerson’s Assessment and Care Team (eCARE) assists the College in identifying students who may be at risk to themselves or to others and responds accordingly. Team members meet monthly, but come together whenever necessary to discuss situations that require more immediate attention.

Other members of the community may be consulted as deemed appropriate.

The team is committed to sharing pertinent information to identify students at risk of doing personal harm and/or harm to others, analyze the risk and develop an appropriate intervention plan. Student confidentiality will be maintained within the guidelines of professional ethics and legal principles, and information will be shared on a need-to-know basis.

Reporting and Helping Distressed Students

Are you concerned about a student’s well-being or whether a student may pose a threat to other members of the community? You may have the opportunity to help that student and/or protect campus safety.

If a situation, observation or instinct tells you to be concerned about a student, we recommend and encourage you to take action. Use the tips listed below, talk to your department chair or supervisor, or call the ACT.

Members of the College community concerned about a student being at risk to self or others are encouraged to involve the ACT.

  • In an emergency, call 911 and the Emerson Police Department at 617-824-8888.

When reporting a concern, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name of the student
  • What concerning behaviors were observed and/or heard
  • When and where the concerning behaviors occurred
  • Supporting documentation or materials (e.g. student writing, website)
  • Names of other individuals that witnessed or observed the concerning behavior