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Email Communication

Networking is a form of proactive relationship building that exposes you to an industry, career field, or person that you would like to know more about. It is used as a way to gather information on industry trends, job responsibilities, opportunities and available resources. Keep in mind the professionals you reach out to are not going to necessarily offer a job lead in the first conversation but this opens the door for a reference and creates a relationship that will be beneficial as you conduct your internship or job search.

When you email a new contact, anyone that you do not know very well, a professor or someone in professional position there are several pieces that your email should include:

  1. A professional email address – your Emerson College email address is acceptable OR if you prefer to have a separate account, you should create a professional email address that is separate from a personal account.  Creating an account with your name is best so people can more easily identify whom the email is coming from. Try to avoid overly long or complicated email addresses. Examples:;
  2. Subject Line – A line that states the purpose for the communication
  3. Examples: Informational Interview; Follow Up From____________; Industry Advice
  4. Greeting – It is best to start an email reach out with a professional greeting.
  5. Dear or Hello, Mr or Ms. Last Name
  6. Body – A short paragraph stating who you are, where you received or found their contact information and why you are emailing
  7. Closing – End an email with a professional closing and your first and last name
  8. Sincerely or Regards or Best, Waldo Emerson



Subject: Informational Interview

Dear Ms. Chang,

My name is Waldo Emerson and I am a Writing, Literature and Publishing major at Emerson College. I am researching careers in editing and I came across your company’s information through Emerson College’s eHire website. If you are available, I was wondering you would be able to schedule a time to either meet or speak on the phone so I could learn more about your career path and the industry. I can be reached by email at or by phone at 123-456-7890. I look forward to hearing from you.


Waldo Emerson