Career Services

Discussion Topics for Mentees

Below are some possible topics to discuss with your mentor. Remember, the purpose of your meeting is to gain information, advice, and contacts.

1. Find out some background information about your mentor. Some sample questions and topics include:

  • Length of time in current position/organization
  • Major job responsibilities
  • Organizational structure
  • Aspects he/she likes best about the profession
  • Past career path and how he/she got to the position he/she is in today. How did he/she learn about this career?
  • Types of courses that best prepared him/her for this career

2. Find out more about the profession:

  • Description of a typical day
  • Likes and dislikes of the job
  • Challenges in the profession or recurring problems within the occupation
  • Rewards of the profession
  • Employment trends
  • Professional associations, networks, online resources that the mentor would recommend
  • General salary information and benefits for the profession
  • Aspects of his/her education or other skills that helped most in the job
  • Technological advances that have affected the job

3. Get some advice:

  • Share your background/goals with the mentor
  • Obtain advice about your job search or career path
  • Solicit résumé advice, if comfortable with him/her
  • If you would like more information on the mentor's company/organization, ask for literature or a possible tour, if comfortable with the contact
  • Ask for a referral to another contact person to continue networking
  • Ask for job search advice and tips that the mentor can provide