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Emerson Connections

Emerson Connections is an online networking directory, linking Emerson students and alumni to career professionals who are interested in facilitating networking relationships to share knowledge and form industry connections.

Networking with industry professionals is strongly encouraged by Career Services staff for career exploration and in job searching.

Students/Alumni Seeking Access to Emerson Connections

To use Emerson Connections:

  1. LOGIN to LionHire.
  2. CLICK on the Emerson Connections tab at the top of the page.
  3. BROWSE the database for mentor's contact information.

    Alumni: If you do not have an LionHire account already, please sign up in order to access Emerson Connections. If you graduated after 2007, please contact our office at or at 617-824-8586 to check if you have an existing LionHire account.

Professionals registering to become an Emerson Connection do not need to create a separate LionHire account.

All current students have an existing LionHire account already. Please do not sign up for one through the Alumni Sign-Up link.

How to Search for Emerson Connections

When logged into LionHire, you will see an Emerson Connections option in the menu bar. By clicking on Emerson Connections, you will come to a search page where you can enter the parameters that you want to search.

You will be presented with a list of possible connections who match your criteria and are currently available. You can select a contact’s name and read his or her profile to find out more about their background.


On the profile page, click the Contact button found at the top, bottom, and left-hand side of the page. You will be taken to an email form into which you can insert a personal message that will then be sent directly to the mentor.

Emerson Connections are expected to return your email within seven days. If you have not received a response from your connection within this time period, you are able to resend your message by following the same contact process via Emerson Connections.

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Once your connection has replied to your initial email, you are connected.

If the connection does not respond to your email, you are advised to do the following:

  • Check back later
    Each Emerson Connection has chosen how many requests they want to have per month. It could be that other students and other alumni have filled up that quota for the month. Check back again at the beginning of the month and you may see some new people show up.
  • Search a different industry or location
    If someone is not an exact match, you can contact someone who is a decent match. They can be in the same industry in a different place, or works in the same city you’re looking for, even if that contact is not in your field.
  • You never know how many “degrees of Kevin Bacon” you will have to go to find the right person, and this contact might be best friends with someone who is perfect, but not connected with Emerson Connections.

If you haven't received a response from any connection for longer than a week, you can:

  • Resend the message
    If you look at the connection’s profile, the "Contact Mentor" button should now say "Recontact Mentor." Click on that button, which will send a new message. This will not count against your five requests per month.
  • Contact Career Services
    If the connection doesn’t respond after consecutive emails, please contact Career Services and we will attempt to make contact.

If you see the connection’s profile, but there isn’t a "Contact Mentor" button, then that connection is not currently receiving requests.

Please choose your Emerson Connections wisely. Students and alumni are allowed five new requests a month. You will accrue more requests at the beginning of the next month.

Emerson Connections

To sign up and become a mentor in the Emerson Connections:

  1. GO to Emerson Connections Registration.
  2. CREATE a new profile by clicking on “Click here to register.”
  3. AWAIT contact. Students interested in speaking to you about your profession/industry will contact you.

Alumni and professionals signing up to be an Emerson Connection do not need to create a separate LionHire account through the Student/Alumni portal.

Please contact the students or alumni within seven days after the initial email. Thank you for signing up!


Students, alumni, AND Emerson Connections (formerly mentors) can be removed from the database for misuse or abuse of the system. Please review the Emerson Connections Terms and Conditions before accepting the user’s agreement.

If you have additional questions, contact Career Services at 617-824-8586.