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Campus Center Services

Student Lounge
The Max Mutchnick Campus Center

With service desks on the main and lower levels of Piano Row, the Campus Center provides Emerson students, staff, and faculty with a variety of services.

Information Booth

The Campus Center Information Booth serves as our headquarters and is located right inside the entrance to 150 Boylston St. off the main lobby. Reserve rooms, request audio and video support, and ask about Media Wall channel changes.

L1 Service Desk

Located on LL1 of the Campus Center, the L1 Service Desk provides office and cubby access for student organizations, and provides assistance for utilizing the meeting rooms, Reflection Room, and Cultural Center located on the floor. You can also request one of the Campus Center’s three piano rooms, rent a locker, or use the copy and fax machines.

Copy Services

Copy machines for individual and student group use are located at both the Information Desk and at the Common Desk. Copies are $0.10 each without a student group copy code, and $0.05 each with a copy code. Assorted color paper is available upon request.

There is a maximum of 150 sheets per copy session; larger jobs should be completed through the Print and Copy Center, located at 100 Boylston Street.

Fax Services

Students or staff with a valid College ID may use the Campus Center fax machine (located at the L1 Service Desk) free of charge. Cover sheets are available upon request.

On the main level of the Campus Center, four iMac computer kiosks are available for students to access their Emerson ECmail and ECnet accounts, or to browse the web.

Students may also use the black-and-white laser printer next to the kiosks. Students must swipe their Emerson College ID or ECcash card through the Print Release Station to print.

The kiosks are available during Campus Center open hours. For assistance, contact the I.T. Help Desk: 617-824-8080.

Students can browse the web on the Campus Center kiosks.

Do you live off campus and need to store books or other items? Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis for $10/semester.

58 lockers with pre-set combination locks are reserved for off-campus student use and are located on the Max’s Lower Level 1. Students wishing to rent within this block should read the Locker Rental Policy and complete a Locker Rental Agreement.  An addtional set of lockers that require their own padlock are located on the second floor across from the cafe are also available.

To request a locker rental, a Locker Rental Agreement must be filled out in person at the L1 Service Desk in the Campus Center.

Locker Rental Policy

  • Lockers can be rented for $10 per semester, and $5 per summer session. This fee must be paid in cash at the Commons Desk of the Campus Center. Once the fee is paid and the agreement signed, the Campus Center staff will keep a copy of the agreement with the student’s Emerson ID on file. (Only one locker is allowed per student; lockers should be used only by the student renting them. Lockers cannot be shared or swapped.)
  • Lockers are not automatically renewable. Students must notify the Max Mutchnick Campus Center to renew their locker agreement and pay the next semester or summer fee. Students must remove all materials and belongings from their assigned lockers by the last day of the semester. Failure to do so may result in the items being disposed of by Campus Center staff. 
  • If all lockers are occupied, students may be placed on a waiting list. Students called from the waiting list will have two full business days to respond to an offer of a locker rental before the next waitlisted person is contacted.
  • Emerson College and the Max Mutchnick Campus Center are not responsible for damage or loss of the contents of any locker. Students are responsible for reporting any damage or needed repairs to (If your locker door does not open or shut properly, do not force it; report it immediately.)
  • The Max Mutchnick Campus Center reserves the right to open a locker with or without the consent of the renter when locker procedures are being abused or in case of an emergency.
  • Flammable materials, dangerous chemicals, explosives, weapons of any kind, and illegal or controlled substances (such as drugs or alcohol) are strictly prohibited inside lockers.

All recognized organizations have access to an organizational mailbox on LL1. Some organizations have assigned office space on this floor, while other organizations may apply for a storage cubby for the academic year.

To request a Student Organization Cubby, download the Cubby Request Form, and submit comleted requests to the Campus Center administration.

Cubbies are located on L1 of the Campus Center and are only available to student organizations recognized by the Emerson College Student Government Association that do not have assigned office space in the Campus Center. Cubbies will be assigned to organizations as requests are received and will be based on justifiable need.

  • Clubs and organizations are responsible for the condition of their cubby and will be charged for any damages. Access to cubbies begins on the first day of classes in September, and the cubbies must be cleaned out by the last day of the semester in May. Cubbies are not automatically renewable. Student organizations must submit a request each academic year with the Campus Center administration.
  • Only students with a valid Emerson College ID and/or those identified as authorized users will be granted access to an organization's cubby. The organization president should submit a list of the names and Emerson ID numbers of members authorized to access the cubby, and must notify the Campus Center of updates and/or changes to this list by sending an email to
  • Emerson College and the Max Mutchnick Campus Center are not responsible for damage or loss of the contents of any cubby. Student organizations are responsible for reporting any damage or needed repairs to (If your cubby door does not open or shut properly, do not force it; report it immediately.)
  • The Campus Center administration reserves the right to open a cubby with or without the consent of the student organization when cubby procedures are being abused or in case of emergency.
  • Flammable materials, dangerous chemicals, explosives, or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited inside cubbies. Illegal or controlled substances such as drugs or alcohol are also strictly prohibited.

Campus Center Promotional Table

Need a way to promote your event and engage people? Students, organizations, and departments looking to promote an event, involvement opportunities, or conduct Student Life–approved fundraising may request the Campus Center Promotional Table located in the lobby through the Information Booth or Student Common Desk, or online through SpaceBook.

Bulletin Boards

Individual students and organizations can post flyers and announcements on the bulletin boards located throughout LL1 of the Campus Center.

All materials must comply with the College’s posting policy and must be approved and stamped by the Office of Student Life prior to being posted.

Flyers can only be posted for two weeks.