Campus Center

Multipurpose Room

Located in the Campus Center on the main level, the Julia Owens Multipurpose Room is an intimate function space, well suited to small-scale events and performances. The small stage, set against a backdrop of theatrical velour curtains, is perfect for solo or small group performances. For small receptions or banquet-style events, the space can also accommodate up to six round tables. Alternatively, the seating and staging can be removed altogether to accommodate rehearsals or other events requiring open floor space.  The Multipurpose Room is named in honor of Julia Owens, class of 2003.  

The Campus Center desk staff will assist your group in setting up the space for your event. The Multipurpose Room includes house media and lighting systems, which can be operated by your group via easy-to-use controls. The media system includes a DVD player, CD player, and inputs for a variety of devices, including microphones, laptops, HD video players, and auxiliary devices such as an iPod. A fixed theatrical lighting system is focused on the stage and is operated by a simple 10-button preset wall station, from which users can select a variety of lighting options.

Request the Multipurpose Room online through SpaceBook, or in person at the Campus Center.

  • Furniture: Furniture can be moved or rearranged for banquet, theater, and meeting setups. Furniture and fixtures must be returned to standard setup after event.
  • A/V: LCD projector and screen; DVD/VCR player; Cable TV; laptop VGA interface; Composite, and High Definition RGB Component video inputs; CD player; inputs for 2 mics and an auxiliary device (e.g., iPod or other music device).
  • Other: Full stage lighting with 10 variable presets ranging from focused spotlights to colored washes.
  • MPR Rep Plot (indicating both fixed lighting and media components)
  • MPR Official Ground Plan - Vectorworks File (requires Vectorworks to open)
Setup Capacity Example Diagram
Lecture/Audience (default) 55 Multipurpose Room Multipurpose Room
Clear Room 55 Multipurpose Room Multipurpose Room
Reception with Stage 24 (rounds of 6)
28 (rounds of 7)
Multipurpose Room Multipurpose Room
Reception without Stage 36 (rounds of 6)
42 (rounds of 7)
Multipurpose Room Multipurpose Room
Boardroom up to 36 (seated) Multipurpose Room Multipurpose Room

Any exceptions to these policies will be made at the discretion of the Campus Center administration.

To ensure that function spaces are used effectively and allocated fairly, the following guidelines apply at all times:

General Conduct
1. The Student Code of Conduct is in effect at all times. Violations of the Student Code of Conduct and all other College policies as outlined in Undergraduate and Graduate student handbooks and catalogues as well as in other official institutional publications will be subject to disciplinary action through the College’s disciplinary process.
2. Campus Center/Cabaret Policy infractions will result in an official warning as issued by Campus Center Administration. Those in receipt of more than 2 warnings will be subject to disciplinary action as sanctioned by the Campus Center Administration and/or the College Conduct Coordinator as applicable.
3. The organization/person requesting the space will be financially responsible for facility and/or equipment in the event of loss or damage (including, but not limited to that resulting from theft, abuse, gross misuse) while it is in their possession/under their use.
4. Event hosts/sponsors are responsible for guests of the College involved in or in attendance of their event and for upholding the College Guest Policy.

Reservation Procedures

5. All members of the Emerson College community must present their Emerson College ID when requesting access to the Multipurpose Room.
6. Multipurpose Room reservation requests must be made in person at least three days in advance at the Information Desk of the Campus Center.
7. No more than three (3) days can be reserved consecutively in the Multipurpose Room.
8. Students, organizations, and departments may only reserve a total of five (5) days at a time. Additional requests will not be taken until at least one of these reservations has been used.
9. Requests only become "confirmed" reservations once an e-mailed confirmation from the Campus Center management staff has been received.
10. Once confirmed, reservations cannot be "swapped" from one group or individual to another. If you no longer need a date you have reserved, inform the Campus Center management staff at least one week in advance of your event so the date can be assigned to a group on the wait-list. A "no show" on the part of a requester may cause loss of reservation privileges in the future, and possible fines.
11. Once confirmed, the requester's name as listed on the original request form cannot be changed without the approval of the Campus Center management staff.
12. Any changes must be confirmed at least three days in advance of the event date. The requestor will serve as the main point of contact for Campus Center staff.
13. Only SGA-recognized organizations may fundraise or seek donations. A Student Life Fundraising Application must be completed, signed, and submitted to the Campus Center staff prior to the event in order to fundraise or seek donations (see Student Life Office).
14. An on-campus A1 Film Permit must be completed, signed, and submitted to the Campus Center staff prior to the event in order to film or record the event (see TRF Office).
15. Any prop weapons to be used as part of the event, performance, or set dressing must be submitted to Campus Center/Cabaret Management prior to the event for review and approval at least one week in advance of the event date.

Room Usage
16. The Multipurpose Room's maximum capacity is 55. This count is not to be exceeded at any time.
17. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, and the use of candles or open flames are strictly prohibited in the Multipurpose Room at all times.  The use of liquids or food items during a performance is also prohibited.
18. All means of egress must remain clear at all times to allow for clear access to exits in the event of an emergency.
19. Keys for the Multipurpose Room will be handled by members of the Campus Center staff only.
20. Students and organizations are responsible for the setup of their event. A Campus Center staff member will assist you as needed. The Multipurpose Room must be returned to its original setup at the close of each event.
21. The Campus Center will conduct a pre- and post-event inspection of the space. This inspection will confirm the equipment inventory and operability and the overall conditions of the space.
22. Students, organizations, and departments are responsible for cleanup of the space. If the space is left in an unsatisfactory condition, there will be a minimum cleaning charge of $25.00.
23. Due to its proximity to administrative offices, the Multipurpose Room can only support quiet (the sound system cannot be used) meetings and pre-approved gatherings during Campus Center business office hours. No amplified sound, singing, physical activity (e.g. dancing) or vocalization of any kind will be approved in the Multipurpose Room Monday–Friday between 9:00 am and 6:30 pm.
24. Carpentry, painting, or the like, for the purpose of building sets, decorations, etc., will not be allowed inside this facility. Set components must be prefabricated off-site and brought into the space for assembly.
25. Set pieces, props, materials, etc. must meet building and fire code regulations, and must have prior approval before use.  All materials must be removed from the space at the conclusion of the event, and cannot be stored in the space.
26. Nothing may be attached to or hung from the Multipurpose Room's lighting pipe grid, ceilings, or walls without advance approval from the Campus Center staff. No person(s) may hang from the pipe grid at any time.
27. The Multipurpose Room's lighting system may not be altered or reconfigured. Use of the lighting system constitutes the use of the pre-programmed lighting presets only.
28. Failure to comply with the above policies and/or cooperate with the Campus Center staff or other College personnel during the course of an event will result in the immediate suspension or termination of the event and potential loss of future reservation privileges.