Campus Center

Offices within the Campus Center

Campus Center
The Campus Center oversees numerous services and events for students.

Campus Center Professional Staff

Joshua Hamlin
Director of the Campus Center
Room 112

Assistant Operations Coordinator
Room 111

Campus Center Student Staff

Cabaret Coordinator
Room 111 (during posted office hours)

Campus Center Operations Staff

Campus Center Operations Assistants provide the front line services for students, groups, or faculty and staff members who use the Campus Center. They can take room reservation requests, provide access to any of our spaces, answer questions, or provide information on any of our services.  

Cabaret Audio and Lighting Technicians

Cabaret Techs provide event support for audio, lighting, and physical setups for most events in the Cabaret. They can also provide suggestions and advice on audio or lighting configurations to enhance your event.  

Email for inquiries on Student Employment opportunities within the Campus Center and Cabaret.

Office: Room 240
Phone: 617-824-8650


  • Director, Retention and Student Success (Room 246)
  • Associate Director, Enrollment Services and Support (Room 244)
  • Associate Director, Enrollment Pipeline Initiatives (Room 242)
  • Assistant Director, Retention and Student Success (Room 233)

The Office of Student Success oversees the following:

  • Money Matters
  • Veterans benefits
  • Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Requests
  • Early Alert program
  • Notary services

Office: Room L155
Phone: 617-824-8036

Spiritual Life is led by a devoted network of Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant chaplains who are committed to interfaith efforts to promote religious and spiritual inquiry from all walks of life at Emerson College.

  • Catholic Chaplain
  • Jewish Life and Hillel Advisor
  • Protestant Chaplain