Withdrawal Policy

All students are eligible to receive full credit for their tuition and fees, excluding nonrefundable deposits, if they withdraw before the first day of classes. Students receiving federal financial aid funds who withdraw on or after the first day of classes will have their aid adjusted using the percentage determined by the Federal Return of Title IV Funds calculation. Adjustments are made based on the number of days a student attends, up to the 60% point of the semester. Tuition charges on the student’s account are adjusted according to the Emerson College Refund Policy as indicated.  Dates are determined by the Boston campus schedule:

  • During the first two weeks of classes: 80% refund of tuition only
  • During the third week of class: 60% refund of tuition only
  • During the fourth week of class: 40% refund of tuition only
  • During the fifth week of class: 20% refund of tuition only
  • After the fifth week: NO REFUND IS MADE

No tuition refund is available when the College authorities require a student’s withdrawal or when a student withdraws from a course with a WP or WF grade.

Fees are nonrefundable. Housing and meal plan charges may be refundable on a pro-rated basis. Petitions should be filed with the Office of Housing and Residence Life.

For more information about withdrawing from Emerson College, please review the Withdrawal and Leave of Absence Policies.