Alumni Profiles

  • Elizabeth Baudoin

    Elizabeth Baudoin '02

    "The tools and contacts provided through the Emerson community are beyond invaluable."

  • Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith '94

    "It's just as important to know what's going on in the world and to develop the social skills as it is to excel in your field of study."

  • JP Faiella

    JP Faiella, G'02

    "Emerson was a place where I was humbled by the talent teaching and surrounding me."

  • Robert Friend '79

    Robert Friend '79

    "Seeing and finding old friends and colleagues has been an important aspect of my connection, both personally and professionally."

  • David Gwizdowski '80

    David Gwizdowski '80

    "Don’t be afraid to tap into the network."

  • Sara Karwacki '00

    Sara Karwacki '00

    "...The friends I made at Emerson are still an important part of my life."

  • Peter Loge ’87

    Peter Loge ’87

    "Do what others are unwilling to—do it willingly, and do it right."

  • Marsha Maceachern '00 G'02

    Marsha Maceachern '00, G'02

    "Emerson is a special, hands-on institution that is what you make of it."

  • Camilla Ross ’85

    Camilla Ross ’85

    "Become a part of the Emerson fabric and communicate your ideas about Emerson's future."

  • Lee Stacey '76

    Lee Stacey '76

    "I love the energy of today's students."

  • Margie Sullivan ’81

    Margie Sullivan ’81

    "Attending Emerson makes you feel energized, creative, and unafraid to take risks."

  • Heather Marie Vitale '08

    Heather Marie Vitale '08

    " Stay positive...The right opportunity will come around soon."