Emerson Engagement Labs (EEL)

The Emerson Engagement Labs (EEL) is a cluster of research and design labs focused on the intersections of media and civic engagement.

EEL will bring together existing labs with newly developing labs to foster collaboration and consolidate support for external partnerships.

The Engagement Game Lab Staff

The Engagement Game Lab (staff pictured) is one of the labs that make up the Emerson Engagement Labs.

The Engagement Game Lab (EGL) is an existing lab that studies games and play in civic life, with a focus on designing digital and analog games with government, NGOs, and community organizations.

The Global Engagement Lab will launch with a focus on global initiatives that facilitate cross-border, cross‐cultural media production and exchange.

In 2013-14, Emerson College will be searching for four new faculty members for appointments beginning in 2014‐15 as part of a civic media cluster hire initiative. These four new faculty hires will be in the departments of Visual and Media Arts, Communication Studies, Journalism, and Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies. Each of these new faculty members will affiliate with one of the EELs and help create new civic media focused labs within EEL.