For the Record - Faculty Edition

April 2015 • Volume 7 • Number 6
Final Grading Opens Today

 Faculty can now begin submitting final grades for Spring 2015. Grades are due Wednesday, May 13 at 12:00 noon ET. All grades MUST be submitted by this deadline.

When: Any time between now and May 13 at 12:00 noon ET. No extensions, no exceptions.

Our students depend on timely submission of grades—you will delay students' graduation, degree progress, and potential employment by missing the deadline!

Where: eCommon—log on and select the Faculty tab. Log on now to make sure you can access eCommon. Login issues should be referred to the Help Desk at x8080 or

How: Review the Final Grading Instructions for a step-by-step guide to grade entry. Giving an incomplete? Read the last tab on "Entering Incomplete Grades." If you have any questions, email


Common Grade Entry Problems

To help you successfully navigate the grading system, we'd like to draw your attention to the two most common issues we hear about this time of year:

  • The Green Triangle - After logging onto eCommon and selecting the "Final Grades" option in the Faculty Grading Assignment section, you'll be shown a list of your current courses. You MUST click on the small green triangle that appears to the right of each course in order to access each course's respective grade entry page.

    The triangle will appear in yellow if you enter a few grades for a course, log out and then revisit it later to finish your grading. Regardless of the change in color, you STILL need to click on the triangle to access the grade entry page.
  • Incomplete Grades - After submitting all of your grades for a given course, you will be prompted to submit any "INC" grades a second time. The system is merely trying to confirm that you intended to enter an Incomplete grade.

    Simply click the submit button again, and your grading will be complete.


Incomplete Grade Changes

Faculty, did you give an incomplete grade in Fall 2014? Don't miss the deadline to get it changed!

Instructors must submit a completed Grade Change Form to the Registrar's Office by 12:00 noon on May 13. Forms are available on eCommon and may be faxed to us at 617-824-8654, or scanned and emailed from your Emerson email account to

Incomplete grades from Fall 2014 will change to Incomplete/Failure grades on May 14.


Commencement 2015

We are all looking forward to celebrating the Class of 2015 on Monday, May 18 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, 415 Summer Street, Boston—we'll be offstage giving diplomas to students. We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions about the ceremonies, please visit the Commencement website for additional information.


Entering "F" Grades

Just like last semester, if you need to enter a grade of "F" for a student, you will be required to also enter the student's final date of attendance in the class.

If you forget to enter the final date of attendance for any "F" grades, you will receive an error message prompting you to do so when you submit your grades.

The Final Grading Instructions reflect this change, so please review them before entering your grades!


Dates to Remember

May 13 Spring 2015 final grades due
May 13 Fall 2014 incomplete grade changes due
May 7–19 May Intersession
May 18 Commencement
May 19 Summer Directed Study contracts due
May 20 Summer courses begin

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