Registration & Payments


In May, the External Programs Office will register you for a total of 8 credits: VM 400-01 (Czech Film History) and VM 420-01 (Prague Film Program).


Please view the calendar to check for payment deadlines and due dates.

Make your payment. Please choose "Prague Summer Film Program Payment."

You must be financially cleared on all your accounts by the Student Financial Services Office to attend the program.

Withdrawal from the Program

If you decide, for any reason, that you must withdraw from the program, you must submit formal notice in writing to the External Programs Office. A phone call is not sufficient notification.

You must send written notice from your Emerson email account to, or by regular mail, or drop it by the International Study and External Programs Office in the Little Building, 80 Boylston Street, Room 121.

Prague Program farewell dinner

A farewell dinner is planned for students on the last night of the Prague Program with Emerson and FAMU faculty.

Prague Class on FAMU Sound Stage

Prague film students in class on a FAMU sound stage