Required Travel Excursions

The travel component of the program demonstrates an essential synergy of learning the subject matter inside the classroom and taking an “up-close” study of Renaissance Art, with a particular focus on the Dutch Masters.   Program participants are required to attend two mandatory travel excursions accompanied by faculty. 

These excursions help introduce students to the larger cultural and historical context of the site. Connecting class lecture to gallery/museum visits facilitates students' ability to visualize, experience, and understand the origin, development, and spread of Renaissance art in Europe. During the excursions, students will work on special photo assignments.

Summer Self Portrait with David at Kasteel Well

One of our summer students self-portrait with Michelangelo's David

Excursion cities will change from year to year. Summer 2014 will include off-campus lectures in Bruges and Ghent, Amsterdam, The Hague, Delft and Haarlem, and London. Additionally, students will visit museums, attend photo exhibitions and will be assigned to take photographs at pre-determined locations. 

Please see the summer calendar for this year’s group excursion cities.

Gravensteen Castle

Gravensteen Castle on the River Leie



KW Summer students on bridge in Amsterdam

Summer students pause on a bridge in Amsterdam