Kasteel Well

Summer 2014


Thursday 22 Depart USA for Kasteel Well
Friday 23 Arrive at Kasteel Well BEFORE 3:00 pm - Orientation Begins
Saturday–Sunday 24-25 Mandatory Orientation Weekend
Monday 26 Classes Begin
Saturday - Sunday 31  Free weekend


Sunday 1 Free day - return to the castle by evening
Monday 2 Classes resume
Wednesday  Group Excursion # 1 to Bruges - depart the castle at 10 am - overnight in Bruges
Thursday 5 Group Excursion # 1 to Bruges & Ghent  continues-  2nd night in Bruges
Friday 6 Group travels to Ghent - Excursion ends in Ghent at 6pm  Students will leave from Ghent to whatever place they want to visit over the weekend.  If they wish to return to the castle they mustl arrange and pay for their own travel back to the castle.
Saturday - Sunday 7 - 8 Free weekend - return to the castle by Sunday evening
Wednesday 11 Digital Photography Class paper due!
Thursday  12 Group Excursion # 2 to Amsterdam and surrounding cities. Depart the castle in the morning.  Overnight in Amsterdam
Friday  13  Lectures, Museum Visits in Amsterdam - overnight in Amsterdam
Saturday 14 Digital Photography Assignment in Amsterdam - overnight  in Amsterdam 
Sunday 15 Day excursion to Haarlem & The Hague - overnight in Amsterdam
Monday 16 Group travels to London -  overnight in London.
Tuesday 17 Lectures, Museum visits in London continue.  Group Excursion Ends at 5pm in London.  Please note - students will begin their independent travel break from London at 5pm
Wednesday - Saturday 18 - 22 Independent Travel Break
Sunday 22 Independent Travel Break Ends - students must return to the castle by evening
Monday 23 Classes Resume
Tuesday 24 Start to prepare Art History Paper
Thursday 26 Final lecture class day - Photos must be printed and submitted
Friday–Saturday 27 - 28 Reading/study days, NO TRAVEL ALLOWED.
Sunday 29 Final presentations
Farewell Dinner
Monday 30 Room Inventory & Departure from Kasteel Well by 10 AM

This calendar is current as of 12/19/13 and is subject to change