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Kasteel Well

Spring 2015 Calendar


    New Year's Day
    Access to Materials for the Required Online Course, Introduction to the Netherlands and the City of Amsterdam,” begins at 9:00 am EST (Part 1 ONLY).
    Online Add/Drop for Kasteel Well Ends
    Access to online course content, Part 1, closes at 9:00 pm EST

Required Online Course Exam, Part 1, 9:00 am5:00 pm EST (you will find out your result immediately)

Release of Part II content for those who passed the test.  

Re-release of Part I content for those who failed the test 

    Access to online course content closes at 9 pm EST for those students who need to take the Make Up Exam for Part I 

Required Online Course Exam, Part 1, 9:00 am5:00 pm EST for those who did  not pass the text (Part I)

Release of Part II content for all students

    Depart for Kasteel Well from Boston
    Arrival at Kasteel Well/Orientation Day
Saturday–Sunday    Orientation Weekend
Monday   Classes Begin
Friday   Departure for Amsterdam [Mandatory Group Excursion #1]
Saturday   2nd Amsterdam Day; overnight in same accommodation as Friday night
Sunday   Amsterdam excursion ends for some students. There may be required class activities for other students. If so, they should end by 1:00–2:00 pm. Students must return to the castle by evening. 

Students are responsible for arranging and paying for their travel back to the castle.
    Access to online course content closes at 9:00 pm EST for all students
    Required Online Course Exam, Part 2, Introduction to the History of the Netherlands and the City of Amsterdam takes place at the castle 9:009:15 pm (Dutch time).  Students who fail the test will be required to take an oral exam 


Monday   President's Day, Classes Held
Monday–Thursday   Mid-Term Examinations and Regular Classes


    Depart for  [Mandatory Group Excursion #2]  


    Independent Travel Break
Sunday   Independent Travel Break Ends; return to castle by evening
Monday   Classes Resume - Fall 2013 Registration Advising Begins
    Undergraduate Registration Begins for Fall 2015 classes
    Easter Sunday


Monday   Easter Monday  (Dutch National Holiday)No Classes
Wednesday c No Course Withdrawals (WP or WF) Permitted After This Date
Thursday c Classes End
Friday c Reading Day/Make-Up Classes
Saturday–Monday c Final Exams
  c Room Inventory; Farewell Dinner
  c Departure from Kasteel Well for Boston

Subject to change.