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B.A. Bard College
M.A. University of Queensland
Ph.D. Northwestern University

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Office: Walker 618
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Mneesha Gellman's research interests include social movements, comparative democratization, and memory politics in the Global South. Gellman's current research looks at how citizens are formed during democratization processes in the formal education sector and in community-run spaces in post-conflict settings. Where the formal education sector does not include a robust rights agenda for minorities and indigenous people, Gellman investigates how museums and memorials serve as spaces that integrate marginalized memories and identities into mainstream vernaculars. Her 2015 article in Third World Quarterly looks at the role of peace museums as alternative educational spaces in El Salvador and Sierra Leone.

Gellman's research also examines how ethnic minority communities use memories of violence in mobilizations for cultural rights, particularly the right to mother tongue education. Using political ethnographic and comparative historical methods, she documents how minorities use memories to shame states in order to foster increased cooperation with minority rights agendas, and argues that memory serves as an overlooked resource for marginalized populations in democratizing countries. Gellman's forthcoming book, "Memory and Democratization: Claiming Cultural Rights in Mexico, Turkey, and El Salvador," will be published in Routledge's Global Cooperation Series in 2016.

Prior to Emerson, Gellman was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Global Cooperation Research, Käte Hamburger Kolleg, University of Duisburg-Essen, in Duisburg, Germany. She has published in journals such as Democratization, Conflict Resolution Quarterly, Asian Perspective, and Development in Practice. She has lived, worked, and studied on six continents, and may skip Antarctica in this lifetime.

At Emerson, Gellman teaches the following courses in the Political Science and Global and Postcolonial Studies Minors:

PL220 International Politics

IN210 Introduction to Global Studies

PL222 Human Rights

PL322 Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation


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