Daniela Kukrechtova



B.A. Masaryk University
M.A. Masaryk University
Ph.D. Brandeis University

Daniela Kukrechtova received her Ph.D. in English with a specialization in modern and contemporary American poetry. Her research and teaching interests are in modern and contemporary American writing, with a particular interest in poetry.

Most of Kukrechtova's work focuses on poetry (especially modern American poetry of the city and its relation to urban planning and modernist discourses). She has been able to present her work in a number of different venues. Most recently, at the 2013 MMLA conference, Kukrechtova presented a project on the way Gwendolyn Brooks uses her urban characters' voices and actions in their everyday struggle against the discourse on urban decline. A scholarly article on which this presentation drew, "The Death and Life of the Mecca Building of Chicago: Gwendolyn Brooks' 'In the Mecca,'" was published in African American Review in 2009 and it received the 2011 Joe Weixlmann Award for best essay on 20th- and 21st- century literature.

Kukrechtova's current research and creative writing continue these interests, including work on Gwendolyn Brooks and Hart Crane, as well as on more contemporary writers, such as Seamus Heaney, and at a broader level connects with areas such as: poetry and place; African-American literature and culture (the Harlem Renaissance and the great migration); American women writers; multicultural literature.

Daniela Kukrechtova


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