Babs Boter



Ph.D. University of Amsterdam

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Dr. Babs Boter is a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Gender Studies, Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

Having a background in history, literary studies and cultural studies, she teaches a variety of BA and MA courses focusing on issues such as the representation of race, gender, and ethnicity in film and literary texts; the American sixties; canon formations; and postcolonial theory. She also teaches at University College Utrecht (an advanced BA course on "Gothic Traditions: Race, Gender, and Cultural Critique"). At the Free University of Amsterdam, Babs teaches survey courses in American Literature between 1800 and 2000.

In the Spring of 2009 Babs began teaching at Kasteel Well, where she has since taught the course "Topics in Global Literature: Gender, Race, and Diaspora." In the Fall of 2011 she will also begin teaching "International Women Writers," a course on gender, trauma, and memory.

In her current research, Babs focuses on Dutch travelers' accounts of North America (1870-1950) — in particular the ways in which visitors of the U.S. position themselves vis-à-vis America's marginalized (and gendered, racialized) subjects.