Washington, D.C. Program

The Washington, D.C. Program offers students of any major the opportunity to spend a fall semester in the nation’s capital, focusing on the issues, processes, and decisions surrounding government, social advocacy groups, nonprofit organizations, business, economics and trade firms, law and criminal justice agencies, environmental organizations, arts and humanities institutions, education, media and communication organizations. D.C. holds thousands of opportunities for the creative and ambitious Emerson student.

Qualified juniors and seniors may enroll for one semester of study (fall term only) at Emerson’s Washington, D.C. Program.

Students accepted to the program will take 8 credits of internship at a site chosen for their specific goals or interests and 8 credits of classes.

Using Washington, D.C. as a laboratory for learning, the program supports the theory-practice mission of the Department of Communication Studies. Although Washington, D.C. is the center of politics, the city is also home to entertainment, corporate, governmental, civic, arts, environmental, law, health and science and educational organizations, all of which seek to have their voices heard.

National Mall

Fall on the National Mall


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The White House

Discussing public policy, writing business plans, developing webcasts, and initiating media releases brings what you learn in the classroom to life.