Summer Programs

Emerson College runs several summer programs led by Emerson faculty. There is a program for every Emerson student from rising sophomores through graduate students. Our summer programs are designed to enhance your education and engage your curiosity. We value cultural experiences. The length of our programs runs the gamut—from 3 weeks to 9 weeks. The programs may change each year, but for this summer these are the study abroad programs we sponsor:

Intercultural Communication in Aix-en-Provence
May 16 - May 30, 2015

Student participating in Intercultural Communication in Aix-en-Provence will immerse themselves for two weeks in the culture, language and history of Provence, France. During these two weeks, each student will live with a French family, and eat breakfast and dinner with his or her hosts. Students will participate in 35 hours of small (6- to 8-student) conversational French classes taught by teams of native speakers each weekday morning and some afternoons at Emerson’s partner institution, IS-Aix. The language school, with 40-plus years of experience, has taught students from all five continents during its history and partnered with schools around the world, including Princeton University. Students also will go on guided field trips to places that include the museum of the history of the Mediterranean in Marseille (with the IS French teachers); Les Baux, a medieval fortress that is Provence’s most visited site; the Palace of the Popes in Avignon, which for nearly a century served as the home of the Catholic Church; and museums dedicated to both the French Resistance in World War II and an internment camp near Aix-en-Provence, now converted to a museum that looks at issues of genocide and how it can be prevented. Other activities will include a visit to Provence’s largest market (in Isle sur la Sorgue), an introduction to the game of boules or petanque, and a group Provencal dinner organized by Professor Lanson.

Kasteel Well Summer Program
May 23 - June 29, 2015

Kasteel WellThe topic of this 5-week summer course is dedicated to Netherlandish painting of the Renaissance and Baroque and digital photography, with a particular focus on the genre of Portraiture. Students attending this five-week program will be registered for 8 credits of undergraduate coursework. Connecting class lecture to gallery/museum visits facilitates students' ability to visualize, experience, and understand the origin, development, and spread of Renaissance art in Europe. During the excursions, students will work on special photo assignments. Summer 2015 will include off-campus lectures in Bruges and Ghent, Florence and Venice.

Emerson Los Angeles Summer Program: Workshop in Magazine Publishing
May 27 - July 25, 2015

Los AngelesEmerson students who are accepted into this 9-week summer program will register for an internship course, taken for 4 or 8 college credits. The ELA Program prepares students to be employable, by interning with industry professionals such as set designers, film editors, writers, stage managers, film and television producers, casting directors, talent managers, magazines, and publicity directors. Students will gain an understanding of the industry beyond the classroom. The internship course requires completion of both academic assignments and a specific number of hours at the intern site. See Magazine Publishing Workshop details »

Learn more about Emerson Los Angeles »

Screenwriter's Lab in Greece
May 29 - June 28, 2015

Screenwriter's Lab GreeceA screenwriting lab on the island of Patmos, Greece offers students the chance to concentrate on and hone their film and television writing skills. In a historical and inspired setting, this 3-week program affords students the luxury of time devoted solely to writing. The program syllabus will allow for development of original narratives for feature scripts, television pilots, shorts, or cable movies.Students can choose to focus on one project or genre, or engage in cross-pollination. Additional writing exercises will be inspired by the local culture and surroundings. During the day, periods devoted to screenwriting will be enhanced by lectures, cultural events, and opportunities to explore the nearby areas.

Global Marketing Seminar in China
[Cancelled for Summer 2015. Please check back for Summer 2016 information.]
June 1 - 19, 2015

ShanghaiThis 3-week program is for graduate students in the GMCA program. Students will earn 4 graduate credits. This seminar invites students to familiarize themselves with the cultural environment of Beijing and Shanghai, in hopes they will gain an appreciation of the importance of international trade, international marketing, and international marketing communication. Students will attend guest lectures and make site visits to a variety of Chinese companies, including marketing, communication, and research consultancies, publishing, new media, and technology companies in Beijing and Shanghai.

Anne Frank in Amsterdam and Beyond
June 12 - July 17, 2015

The Diary of Anne Frank is the most famous book ever written in Amsterdam. How did this young Jewish woman’s diary, composed during World War II in her place of hiding, became an enormous posthumous bestseller after the war. In this course, Anne Frank in Amsterdam and Beyond, you explore why and how the book became so successful all around the world, focusing especially on how Anne’s story has been retold in different media over the seventy years since it was first published. By studying the many adaptations, you gain an in-depth knowledge of the Holocaust and the Second World War in Europe, and how those events have been remembered in cultural memory – especially in the Netherlands and the United States.

Beginning with a close reading of The Diary of Anne Frank itself, the course provides you with an historical introduction to World War II, the Holocaust and the postwar era, and provides a basic understanding of intermediality. During the seminars you study children’s books, documentaries, movies, museum exhibits, music, plays, poems, and sculptures inspired by Anne’s story. This 8-credit course will examine the history of Europe during the Second World War with a particular focus on the Netherlands during the Nazi occupation, on the history and the destiny of Jewish people and on the persona of Anne Frank.

This program includes 3-weeks in residence at Kasteel Well, and 2-weeks at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam [Free University of Amsterdam].

Prague Summer Film Program
June 20 - July 20, 2015

PragueStudents will study on the campus of FAMU, Europe's top film school. Participants in this 4-week course earn 8 VMA credits (4 electives/4 credits toward media studies). Each student will script, cast, location scout, act, shoot, direct and edit a 5- to 7-minute HD production. Fellow students will crew for others on their film shoots. FAMU and Emerson College faculty will evaluate the projects. The first part of this course is a production course: a week-long lighting and cinematography workshop on a soundstage. The second part of the course explores Czech and Slovak cinema, with emphasis on the Czech New Wave. Special tours and lectures are planned, including a two-night excursion to the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF).

Writing Place And Distance: Art And Environment In The West Of Ireland
July 16 - August 6, 2015

Writing Place And Distance: Art And Environment In The West Of Ireland will provide students with an intensive and immersive experience in creative nonfiction prose and poetry in one of the most artistically vital and ecologically stunning locales in all of Europe. Through workshops, seminar discussions, and dedicated writing time, students will write responsively to the art and landscape of the Burren, a spectacularly vibrant geological formation in the far west coast of County Clare, Ireland. The program will take place at the Burren College of Art, an intimate, world-class art school "founded by artists for artists," and uniquely connected to its surroundings with its twenty years of experience teaching art, writing, and the creative life to students from around the world.

Over the course of the program, students will experience and learn about the Burren's unique ecology and history, read Irish literature related to environmental concerns, and will respond creatively to the work of local artists-painters, sculptors, photographers and fellow writers.

Rosarito Public Diplomacy Workshop
July 19 - August 16, 2015

RosaritoThe Rosarito Public Diplomacy Workshop is open to grad students in the communication studies department with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. 15 students will be chosen to participate in this program. Chosen students will apply their knowledge in coordinating, planning and implementing a student film festival in Rosarito, Mexico as part of an ongoing effort to bridge cultures. Special attention will be focused on diverse communication challenges and how politics, economics and culture influence such efforts. During the first week of the program students will live and attend class and guest lectures at ELA, as well as make visits to various public diplomacy agencies and organizations based in Los Angeles. These visits will provide students with the opportunity to meet and dialogue with government, NGO and business leaders on challenges of public diplomacy and civic engagement in Southern California and Baja, Mexico. The course then moves to Rosarito Beach, Mexico for the final three weeks of the program.

Salzburg Global Seminar
July 20 - August 9, 2015

Salzburg This year the theme of the Seminar will explore emerging challenges to innovation, civic rights and social change. This unique 3-week program will offer Emerson students the chance to study in Salzburg, Austria along with 55 other students from universities from around the globe. The program is open to all Emerson undergrads, regardless of major. The Salzburg Global Seminar invites speakers from literature, business, the arts, education, journalism, law, entertainment and advocacy groups in hopes of promoting cross-cultural awareness and gaining an understanding of global media systems and their influence on global networks and digital culture. Students will debate and examine the effect of media, digital culture and new technology on global issues and themes.

As of 03/19/2015.  Subject to Change.