Camera Equipment, Laptop and Software Required for Course

Digital Camera Equipment 

No compact cameras!

You must bring your own DSLR camera with a minimum of 6 Megapixels.
  • The camera should have a zoom lens & manual settings for shutter speed, aperture, and focus.
  • The camera has to be able to shoot in RAW mode.

KW Photo Assignment

Additional Equipment Required

  • Memory cards of at least 2–4 GB.
  • Have at least 16 GB in cards. While traveling you don’t want to run out of cards.
  • You are going to shoot in RAW mode. RAW files take up to 25 MB per photo.
  • External memory card reader – a cable connection is no good.
  • Enough conversion plugs to charge all your equipment

And please consider this equipment:

  • A UV filter for protection of the lens –a lens without a filter is easily damaged.
  • Lens hood to protect the lens from flare and damage.
  • Extra battery for the camera (an empty battery is no excuse for missing an assignment).

Kasteel Well has a Fully Equipped Photo Studio

  • In order to work at the studio, you must pay a security deposit of €150 cash during orientation weekend (in case you cause damage to the equipment in the studio, or the studio itself).
  • Your deposit will be returned at the end of the course if you have not been responsible for damage to the equipment or the studio.

Laptop Computer Requirement

  • You must bring your own laptop.
  • An Apple laptop will work best. Most of the class will work on Apple computers.
  • The laptop should be capable of working with Photoshop CC.
  • If you bring a Windows Computer, you’ll need one of the latest PCs with Windows 8 & lots of memory installed.
  • You must have least 50 GB of empty space on your computer hard drive. (You will take a lot of photos during the course. Check your hard drive).

The Castle computer lab has 8 IMac’s with the latest Adobe software. i.e. (Not enough for everybody and with time pressure, it will be better to have your own laptop).

  1. Please check: The Adobe website for more information
  2. The laptop should have at least 2 GB internal memory, but you will need 4 GB to work at a reasonable pace.
  3. If in doubt please send an email to Gerlo Beernink

You are required to install Computer Anti-Virus Software BEFORE DEPARTURE TO KW

Follow directions on this page »

Software Requirement - PHOTOSHOP CC

If you don’t want to buy the software you can install a 30-day trial version of Photoshop CC AFTER you arrive at KW.

DO NOT INSTALL A TRIAL VERSION OF PHOTOSHOP CC BEFORE ARRIVAL!  (It won’t last the length of the program unless you install it after your first week at the castle.)Kasteel Well Summer Photography Class

  • ​You must bring a small portable external hard drive that can be easily transported.
  • You will need it as a backup for your pictures.
  • You can buy a 500 GB for around $50.
  • You will be given all the necessary software on a USB drive.
  • You will work with Photoshop CC and the Bridge (it comes with Photoshop).
  • You can buy Photoshop at special prices at or through Emerson College.
  • Remember, don't install the trial version Photoshop until you arrive at Kasteel Well.
  • The Castle computer lab has 8 IMac’s with the latest Adobe software.
    (Not enough for everybody with time pressure).
  • It will be better to have your own laptop.