Kasteel Well

Pre-Arrival Information for Summer Castle Students

Students are responsible for obtaining a passport, medical insurance, spending money, and round-trip airfare. The summer is one of the most popular times for overseas travel and participants may have to shop around for the lowest airfare. If possible, you should try to arrive at a European airport in the morning. Arriving sometime in the morning will give you time to reach the castle between the hours of 9:00 am–3:00 pm. (Remember, the castle is easily a 2 ½ hour car/train ride from Amsterdam). 

How to Travel to the Castle from Various EU Airports

Street Scene Well

Students will travel to the village of Well, located approximately 2.5 hours drive from Schiphol Airport or a 1 hour drive from Dusseldorf Intl. Airport

It would be helpful (and less expensive) for you to meet up with other students at the airport so you can travel together to the castle. Please view our Travel Resources - Summer booklet for instruction/information about traveling to the castle from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Dusseldorf International Airport in Germany, and Zaventem International Airport in Belgium. Last summer, most students arrived and departed from Dusseldorf International Airport (1 hour from Kasteel Well).

Visas and Passports

Students will be staying less than the maximum time allowed (90 days) for Americans to live in the Netherlands without a visa. If asked at the airport about your business, tell the passport check person you are a student visiting the Netherlands for educational purposes. View information about Visas and Passports.

Arrival/Departure at the Castle

Participants must arrive at the castle between 9:00 am3:00 pm. Please view the summer calendar for arrival and departure dates. Students will be required to leave the castle no later than 12 noon on checkout day. No exceptions. If you scheduled a flight departing a European airport in the morning, it would be advisable to stay close to the airport the night before your flight.

Things to Do Before Departing for Kasteel Well

Please review our Policies section regarding Kasteel Well Program participation.

Please review our Cell Phones, Computers and Electricity Section

Please review our ATM, Debit and Credit Card Section

Please review our Health Insurance Requirement Section

Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport


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