The topic of the 2015 summer course is dedicated to painting of the Renaissance and Baroque and to digital photography, with a particular focus on the genre of Portraiture.

Students attending this five-week program will be registered for 8 credits of undergraduate coursework that consists of an art history and digital photography component. Classes will be held Monday through Friday at the castle with Saturday and/or Sunday lectures during the off site academic field trips. Two weekends plus a Wednesday–Sunday break during the 5-week program will be free for independent travel. The Final Exam/Presentations and the farewell ceremony are scheduled the last weekend of the program. 

KW Summer students at photo exhibit

A docent leads castle summer students through a photo exhibit in Amsterdam

Participants applying to this program should have an understanding of basic web design technique, digital camera photography knowledge, and be computer literate.

For additional details about living at the castle and traveling in Europe, visit the Life at the Castle section of our website.

Summer 10

Castle Art History Class

Students will study means of artistic expression made in two different time periods. They will visit museums, attend photo exhibits, and interpret modern means of image-making, particularly digital photography.

Photo exhibit

Students attend a photo exhibit in Amsterdam.