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Roger House

Associate Professor (2000)

B.A. Columbia University
M.A. Boston University
Ph.D. Boston University

Roger House

Roger House, associate professor in American Studies, is author of Blue Smoke: The Recorded Journey of Big Bill BroonzyBlue Smoke was published by Lousiana State University Press in 2010. It was a finalist for the 2011 award for Excellence in Historical Writing by the Association of Recorded Sound Collections.

Dr. House has contributed historical articles to academic journals such as Labor: Studies in the Working Class History of the Americas, The Journal of American and Canadian Studies, and The History Teacher. As a public historian, he was featured in the BBC TV documentary, "Big Bill Broonzy: The Man Who Brought the Blues to Britain" in December 2013.

In addition, Dr. House has produced radio programs on African American history for NPR, developed programs on U.S. social history for a PBS production company, and contributed articles to the Christian Science Monitor and The Nation, among others. Dr. House was a staff writer for The Providence Journal in Rhode Island.


Office: Walker 606

Phone: 8724


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