Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies Faculty

Diana Sherry

Assistant Professor (2007)

B.S. University of New Mexico
Ph.D. Harvard University

Diana Sherry

Dr. Sherry is a biological anthropologist whose research interests include reproductive ecology, physiology, and the implications of evolutionary biology for medicine and public health. She has studied the nutritional status of Hadza hunter-gatherers in Tanzania in relation to seasonal resource availability as well as the effects of body weight and insulin levels on reproductive hormones in Samoan women in the context of a modernizing society.

Dr. Sherry is currently working on a collected volume for Springer entitled "Evolution and Health over the Life Course," which showcases some of the most prominent bio-anthropologists operating today at the forefront of a burgeoning new field called evolutionary medicine. Her chapter, on the influence of contemporary environments on ancestral physiology and psychology, advances the concept of the modern world as an extreme environment -- with potential dire consequences to health. Dr. Sherry also maintains an active affiliation with the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University.


Office: Walker 508

Phone: 3991


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