Department of Journalism

Meet the Graduate Program Director

Melinda Robins

"The time for thinking of international news as 'foreign news' is past. Journalists have to become global citizens who can meet the challenges of covering what the United Nations has identified as the most important issues facing us in the 21st century, including the environment, scientific change, and human rights," says Melinda Robins when asked about Journalism. She carries that philosophy into the classroom in teaching such courses as as global journalism and feature writing. She also carries this into her work as Graduate Program Director for the Department of Journalism.

Excitement for Graduate Studies

Robins is excited to be the Director of Graduate Studies in the first year of a distinctive new curriculum, one that for the first time fully integrates multimedia across the curriculum, that recognizes community coverage and civic engagement as integral to the best practices of journalism, and that will lead the way in looking at new outlets for news coverage beside and beyond the traditional print, television, radio, and web newsrooms.

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