At Emerson, we help you understand the present realities of journalism and future possibilities of media convergence. From the very beginning of the program, you will be given the opportunity to “hit the streets” and report.

Your courses combine theory and practice, as there is no better way of becoming a journalist than by getting into the field and having your resulting stories critiqued. The program begins with an innovative 8-credit class designed to teach you how to gather and write news across multiple media. To ensure that you have a solid understanding of the world in which news interacts, we ground your coursework in historical, legal, and ethical issues.

Team-Based, Cross-Media Reporting

You will collaborate with your peers on journalistic storytelling for newspaper, broadcast, and the web. Working in a state-of-the-art newsroom and digital production facility, you will gain hands-on experience with industry-standard tools such as Avid NewsCutter videoediting software, CNN/Pathfire video feeds, as well as DreamWeaver, Flash, and InDesign for web and print media design.

You can edit for TV, radio, and the web right at your desktop. In addition, your work can be presented in newscasts and newspapers or via the Internet as web pages or as audio or video podcasts.  

Specialized Journalism

You may explore specialized journalism in areas such as investigative reporting, business reporting, political reporting, sports reporting, environmental reporting, cultural affairs, computer-assisted reporting, and column writing. These classes are offered on a rotating basis within the department.  

You will never be at a loss for stories or leads in Boston, one of the nation’s great news cities. Emerson’s location—within blocks of the Massachusetts State House, City Hall, the international financial district, and the cultural center of Boston—provides content for ample news pieces.  

Cross-Media Portfolio Capstone

The culmination of your experience in the Journalism program, the cross-media portfolio capstone course consists of both individual and group news projects that demonstrate your ability to do professional work in reporting, writing, editing, and producing. It is designed to allow you to develop journalistic work in a cross-media environment, while encouraging you to produce a reporting project across a variety of media using a combination of print, broadcast, and online elements.  


To complement your classroom experience, you are encouraged to take part in an internship. Known for offering high-quality work, Emerson students are sought after by news organizations throughout the city, from the Boston Globe to network news affiliates. Alumni, faculty, guest speakers, and the Office of Career Services are all helpful resources for finding an internship to suit your professional goals.

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