Communication Studies Faculty

Emily Cury

Part Time Faculty (2013)

B.A. Hunter College, CUNY
M.A. City College of New York

Emily Cury

Doctoral Candidate, Political Science, The Graduate Center, CUNY. 

Emily Cury's research interests include Middle East politics, social movements, religion and politics, and identity politics. She is currently completing her doctoral dissertation, which focuses on Muslim American identity construction. She is particularly interested in analyzing Muslim American political participation and integration into American society, as well as their political mobilization around foreign policy issues. Emily brings her love of politics, and of Middle East politics in particular, to her Communication and the Political World class.

In addition to her work in Emerson, Emily works in the Islam in the West Program at Harvard University, which is dedicated to producing research about Muslim minorities in Western societies and to contribute to the global conversation on Muslims in the West.


Phone: 8737


The Department of Communication Studies at Emerson College will be host a variety of special events dedicated to the Dia De Los Muertos Mexican holiday.

Events will feature three Mexican artists, David Silvah, Nuria Bak and Claudia Rodriguez, who will honor student Jocelyn Straus and actor Robin Williams.