Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Meet Betsy Micucci & Sandra Cohn Thau

For both Betsy Micucci and Sandra Cohn Thau, a love of speech-language pathology springs largely from the dynamic nature of the field. "It's ever changing," says Micucci, "and there are new populations to work with all the time."

Providing Educational & Professional Guidance

These women help Emerson's graduate students experience the variety of clients Micucci describes. As the Director of Clinical Programs, Micucci gets students started with placements at one of the programs housed in the Robbins Center. Cohn Thau, the Director of Clinical Education and the Graduate Program Director, tracks students' clinical work throughout their time at Emerson to ensure they are meeting both Emerson's requirements and those of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Micucci and Cohn Thau work closely together to see that students can fulfill their clinical needs—to gain specific skills or exposure to particular populations.

Creating an Encouraging Environment

Both teachers appreciate how Emerson empowers its students. "The program is rigorous and demanding academically, yet the students are supported well enough that the goals feel achievable," Cohn Thau says. Micucci agrees. "We try to always see the students as individuals."

One highlight of their work is welcoming their students as colleagues. "It's so gratifying to see our former students supervising and guiding the internships of our students today," Cohn Thau says.

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Sandra Cohn Thau

Sandra Cohn Thau

Graduate Program Director and Director of Clinical Education, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Betsy Miccuci

Betsy Micucci

Director of Clinical Programs, Communication Sciences and Disorders