Communication Sciences & Disorders Faculty

Eiki Satake

Associate Professor (1988)

B.A. University of California
Ed.M. Columbia University
M.S. Columbia University
Ed.D. Columbia University

Eiki Satake

Eiki Satake is a teacher and researcher in the areas of mathematics and applied statistics. He is the author of more than ten textbooks, including Research and Statistical Methods in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CengageDelmar Learning), Handbook of Statistical Methods: Single Subject Designs (Plural Publishing), Introductory Statistics: A First Course (Kendall-Hunt Publishing). One of Satake's books, entitled Actuarial Mathematics of Finance, was selected for the Basic Library List of The Mathematical Association of America.

In addition, Satake has published and presented numerous number of research articles concerning Bayesian Statistical Methods, Mathematics/Statistics Education, and cross-cultural validity studies about mathematics achievement and anxiety. His research articles include Bayesian Polling Technique: 1992 Presidential Polls, (Communication Research), An Application of Probability Logic (The AMATYC Review), and Mathematics achievement and anxiety among Japanese and American children ( Educational and Psychological Measurement).

Satake's current research interests include applications of the Bayesian statistical methods to the various fields of communication, probability logic, and validity studies.

Eiki Satake - Statistics Eiki Satake - Handbook of Statistical Methods


Office: Ubank 802

Phone: 8295


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