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Grammar Diagnostic Tests, Resources, and References

If you would like to assess your grammar strengths and weaknesses, try this site:

Electronic Grammar Diagnostic Tests 

  1. Choose your test: There are four diagnostic tests to choose from. Two of those four include ESL items.
  2. Determine your level: The results will point out levels of competency in each tested grammatical area.
  3. Explore the resources and references tabs above to improve your skills.

You’ll need to set up an account and sign in to use this site where you’ll find a 50-question test that covers all the basics and is quite helpful.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
This is a great site for every type of grammar or writing concern. Explore the site or check out the Index icon (toward the bottom of the page) for hundreds of specific topics, including explanations for when and how to use articles.

Grammar Bytes
Click on the gorilla icon, then click on “Exercises” to test your knowledge. This thorough site contains examples of the parts of speech (click on Terms) and their correct usage in sentences. It also provides explanations for answers to the exercises.

Junket Studies
This site has a useful section titled “11 Rules of Writing,” a glossary, and an interesting Frequently Asked Questions section. This is a more advanced site for students interested in polishing their writing. For example, it can help you decide where to place a comma and how to achieve agreement in tricky situations. The glossary offers short definitions and examples of everything from appositives to subordinate clauses.

Grammar Book
Click on “Grammar Rules” or “Punctuation Rules” to brush up, and then take the accompanying quizzes. This is a site with general guidelines and exercises. It covers topics such as the dreaded “who” vs. “whom” question, along with “effect” vs. “affect” and whether to write out numbers.

Simply type in a word in the dictionary or thesaurus.

Word Smyth
This dictionary-thesaurus has examples and related words all linked together.

Visual Thesaurus
For a unique grammar experience, go to this website and check out its 2- and 3-dimensional thesaurus.

If you would like more information about grammar, call the WARC at 617-824-7874 to make an appointment with a tutor who can provide you with exercises and a grammar review.