Lacerte Family Writing & Academic Resource Center

The Writing Center

The Writing Center @ the WARC

The Writing Center at the Emerson WARC creates space for students to work on their writing with a trained Writing Consultant. We believe that writing is a process, and we work with students to navigate that process while developing clear markers for their personal success. By working with students to set expectations, meet goals, and reflect on what they’ve accomplished in each meeting with us, we aim to serve as a resource for students as they become confident and independent writers.

One-on-one writing consultations can include:

  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Understanding assignments and writing prompts
  • Discussing texts
  • Planning and organizing
  • Developing ideas
  • Drafting and Revising
  • Improving language usage and grammar
  • Research assistance
  • Working with instructor comments or peer review
  • Citation and formatting
  • Document Design
  • Creating multimodal writing projects
  • Practice effective editing strategies

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