Lacerte Family Writing & Academic Resource Center

International Students

The Lacerte Family Writing & Academic Resource Center welcomes undergraduate and graduate students whose first language is not English or who are English speakers from other countries.

We do not offer ESL classes, but provide tutoring in writing for international students and tutoring in other language skills upon request. Our tutors are sensitive to the cultural and language challenges encountered by nonnative English speakers, and they can help students improve text comprehension, practice conversational English, and rehearse oral presentations. Learn more:

Writing Tutoring

Our tutors work with students individually on all phases of the writing process. Many students come to the Writing Center because they wish to have a tutor go over a paper and point out problems with grammar and vocabulary.

The student is responsible for writing his or her own paper. The tutor makes suggestions that may help the paper become rhetorically and grammatically consistent with one written by a native speaker. Tutors will help students:

  • brainstorm ideas for a paper and outline major points;
  • refine a thesis statement;
  • organize content;
  • work on integrating resource material into a research paper and documenting the source correctly; and
  • help write introductions and conclusions.

Call 617-824-7874 to make an appointment with a writing tutor.

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Conversation Groups

Each semester the Lacerte Family Writing and Academic Resource Center offers two weekly one-hour open conversation groups led by a native English speaker. The dates and times for the conversation groups are posted at the WARC office (which is located at 216 Tremont Street, 5th Floor), or you can call 617-824-7874 for information. Students do not need to make an appointment to attend a conversation group.

Conversation groups are devoted to topics of students’ choice, so students are encouraged to come with a question or idea! Students may also make individual appointments with WARC tutors to work on listening and speaking skills. The WARC has pronunciation tapes and books available.

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Academic Counseling

The Lacerte Family Writing and Academic Resource Center offers academic support and academic counseling for students who are experiencing difficulty in academic and cultural adjustment to the College.

These issues may involve language difficulties, cultural adjustment, or problems understanding academic expectations and practices in the United States. We may also discuss other related campus resources and services.

Please call 617-824-7874 to make an appointment with Assistant Director Linda Miller, who is available to discuss any questions you have or problems you may be experiencing.

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