Office of Research & Creative Scholarship

Internal Grant Programs

The Office of Research and Creative Scholarship (ORCS) offers two internal grant programs for Emerson faculty members.

Faculty Advancement Fund Grant (FAFG)

FY2016 Cycle

Application opens: September 29, 2014
Application closes: November 3, 2014

ORCS supports the professional development and research of tenure-track and tenured faculty members through the annual Faculty Advancement Fund Grant awards program. All full-time faculty members also receive a travel allowance from their home departments to attend conferences or conduct research.

ORCS also provides research assistance and grants application and management support for faculty members.

Part-Time Faculty Professional Development Fund Grant (PTFF)

FY2016 Cycle

Application opens: October 1, 2014
Application closes: November 3, 2014

The PTFF supports the scholarly and creative activities of the part-time faculty members of Emerson College. The Office of Academic Affairs administers the fund to enable the professional work of part-time faculty in its efforts to sustain academic excellence in teaching, research and creative activity, and service. Applicants must have taught one course in each of the prior three years to be eligible.

Consumer Awareness Project (CAP)

FY2016 Cycle

Application Opens: January 15, 2015
Application Closes: March 12, 2015

The Consumer Awareness Project is a time-limited internal grant proram created by funding from an external donor to support faculty projects specifically to advance consumer awareness and education. Applicants may request funding of up to $15,000 for projects that will advance these areas. All faculty members - tenured, tenure-track, full-time, and part-time - are eligible to apply.

Norman and Irma Mann Stearns Distinguished Faculty Award

FY2016 Cycle

Application Opens: March 30, 2015
Application Closes: May 21, 2015

Several years ago, Dr. Norman Stearns and Irma Mann Stearns established a distinguished faculty award in their name to honor a full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty member in recognition of outstanding scholarly or creative achievement. A $3,000 award is presented annually to one applicant. This funding may be used to enhance an ongoing project or for the development of a new scholarly or creative endeavor. Travel is strongly encouraged as part of the project.

The Huret Faculty Excellence Award

The Huret Faculty Excellence Award supports tenured faculty research, creative projects, and innovative pedagogies and assessment on an annual basis.  The goal of this award is to build a great professoriate by supporting and incentivizing associate professors to strive for promotion, and in this way significantly enhance Emerson. Over a five-year period, one-semester leave awards are available for one to three faculty each year to explore new creative, scholarly or research areas or to complete a project with the goal of moving toward promotion to full professor. The purpose of the leave award is to provide a bridge for faculty who have received tenure but who need some focused time to change a research direction or to re-vitalize existing work.